Our goal is to share with students the philosophy of a quality management system.

For the organizations and individuals, we provide teaching for the following directions:


  1. GMP for Beginners;
  2. GMP for Pharmaceutical Phactory Managers;
  3. Production of GMP Documentation;
  4. GMP- staff training system;
  5. GMP- Quality Control;
  6. GMP Production Management;
  7. Training for GMP Technical Services;
  8. GMP- Qualification;
  9. GMP- Validation;
  10. GMP Engineering Systems;
  11. GMP – Water for Pharmaceutical Use;
  12. Risk Assessment and GMP;
  13. ICH Documents and GMP;
  14. ISO and GMP;
  15. Pharmaceutical Microbiology;
  16. Internal audit System;
  17. Warehouse, Distribution and Environmental Parameter Maps;
  18. Practical Lessons at The Workplace;
  19. Quality control laboratories;
  20. Course for Qualified P
  21. GMP and Introduction of New Medicines in Manufacturing.

Classes will be held two times a week.

Time: 14:00-16:00.

Students will be examined with practical assignments.

Certificate will be issued!